I have an Lifetime Access account. How to I download the full unwatermarked tracks?

Next to each track you will see the “Download Unwatermarked” button. Click and Save to your computer the full unwatermarked audio. This button is visible only to Lifetime customers.

On mobile, you will see a download image on your player (footer)

I have an upgrade code but I am not sure where to use it to upgrade my account.

If you have an upgrade code click here to upgrade.

I am a lifetime member. Where do I download the music tracks?

Just click on THE LIBRARY button and navigate on your desired music category. Next to each track, click on the Download button to get the track. If you are on Mobile, you will see the DOWNLOAD button on the player.

What do I get if I subscribe?

You get the ability to download all library without any audio watermark. You can download any track, you have access to all new track additions, and you can legally use all tracks in productions such as video, ads, filmsm YouTube (monitization included) with any copyright issues. Keep in mind that those tracks are produced exclusively by Musicsesame team, so you will not find this music available anywhere else.

Where can I use the music included on the library?

You can use it in all your commercial projects. Read the full list on our License page.

How long is the license for the tracks valid?

The license is valid for unlimited number of years.

Can I use the same track in more than one video / production?

You can use the tracks unlimited times and in unlimited projects.

Will YouTube flag my videos for containing copyrighted material?

No. This music has been exclusively produced and owned by Musicsesame. You will not have any copyright issues with our music on YouTube.

Why YouTube raised a copyright claim?

Our music is protected. YouTube will raise a copyright claim if you use our music, which you can clear in two ways:

  1. Dispute claim and state that your are a Musicsesame user.
  2. Email us at info@musicsesame.com with the link of your video and the email you used to create your Musicsesame account. We will remove the claim in 24 hours.

Can I monetize my videos on YouTube with your music?

Absolutely yes. If you get a copyrigh claim, notify us through email and we will remove it.